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Published: 22 March 2016

Volvo launches 2016 Fuelwatch Challenge

Drivers across the region compete in their respective country editions of the Fuelwatch Challenge to be the top driver in their markets and a chance to contend for the prestigious title of the region’s most fuel-efficient driver at the global final in Sweden
Volvo Trucks is once again conducting its annual Asia Pacific Fuelwatch Challenge 2016 with a series of exciting national competitions across the region. A true test of skill and discipline, these competitions will see participants showcasing their capabilities in fuel-efficient driving as well as general vehicle handling.

Winners from each of the in-market competitions will be eligible to participate in the Asia Pacific Fuelwatch Challenge 2016 Final in Sweden, the home of Volvo Trucks, in September and contend for the title of the region’s most fuel-efficient driver. Thereafter, he or she will have the ultimate opportunity to represent the region at the prestigious Volvo Trucks Drivers’ Fuel Challenge, a parallel competition run globally, to become the world’s most fuel-efficient driver.

The Fuelwatch Challenge is an annual mainstay competition in the industry, and continues to reaffirm Volvo Trucks’ commitment to leverage fuel efficiency to generate positive impact, from individual drivers to customers, businesses, the community at-large and the natural environment. Since its inauguration in 2007 in South Korea, the competition has offered more than 15,000 participants in Asia Pacific an accessible platform to pick up fuel-efficient driving skills and best practices. It has also witnessed inspiring moments, such as the impressive performance by Louise Marriott at last year’s Fuelwatch Challenge Final in Thailand to clinch the title of Asia Pacific’s most fuel-efficient driver. Ms. Marriott is the first female driver and New Zealander to hold that honour.

“The Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Challenge has pioneered countless milestones over the last nine years. As we champion for a fuel-efficient industry, past participants of the Fuelwatch experience become ambassadors of our mission, sharing technical know-how and fuel-efficient driving principles with their peers. Louise’s achievement last year will no doubt continue to reverberate in the industry for years to come, and serve as an encouragement to the growing number of female truck drivers,” said Jacques Michel, President of Volvo Trucks in Asia Pacific.
During the national editions of the Fuelwatch Challenge 2016, drivers will demonstrate their competency in vehicle handling at optimal fuel efficiency. Using Dynafleet, the company’s proprietary fleet management system, fuel efficiency scores are accurately measured based on four key aspects – braking, speed adaptation, engine and gear utilisation and standstill. Data on fuel efficiency, driver’s uptime and overall productivity are collected to gauge contestants’ performances and identify specific areas for improvement.

“More than a competition, the Fuelwatch Challenge showcases real-world cost benefits for companies and industries, whilst positively impacting the environment and society-at-large. The role that drivers play is integral to achieving optimal fuel efficiency. Each edition of the competition continues to reinforce that training, coupled with insights from Dynafleet telematics, can significantly improve drivers’ performance and benefit businesses in the long run,” Mr. Michel added.