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Published: 12 March 2019

Hino Total Support Customer Centre (HTSCC) Reaches 10 000 Trainees

On top of accelerating its momentum in developing high-quality products as well as monitoring the statistics of product sales, Hino also believes in providing support, anticipating potential needs of the customer, as well as offering solutions that reflect customers’ voices.

The establishment of Hino Total Support Customer Center (HTSCC) in Sendayan is one of the catalysts for customers and those in the region to improve in terms of cost, range and quality of services in their business, and also the acknowledgement of road safety.

In Malaysia, HTSCC is the only training centre for commercial vehicle industry and the first Hino training centre that is built outside its home country as Hino sees that Malaysia has the potential in developing incessant support to the commercial vehicle industry. As we generally know, the land route and ground transportation is the main distribution mechanism to most of the logistics hubs in Malaysia.

Operating since 2015, HTSCC is constantly updating its programs and increasing the list of training courses according to the industry needs. At HTSCC, customers and drivers have the opportunity to undergo training programs that are emphasized on safe driving skills, safety and eco-cien driving, driver familiarisation and so forth. These curricular and practical training aim to minimize lifetime cost by increasing up-time and decreasing operational costs.

Heading into 2019, Hino is able to reach its goal in after-sales values and increasing the awareness on safe roads involving commercial vehicles, as the training centre received a fortuitous number of trainees that undergo the training program throughout 2018. Since its establishment, HTSCC has received continuous support and encouraging responses regularly from the logistics industry, nationwide.

The 10 000th trainee is Mr Mohamed Noorhafizuddin bin Mohamed Nasir from Keng Guan Skylift Sdn Bhd. Noorhafizuddin underwent the Safety & Eco-cien Driver Training which took one day to complete. Courses include in-class safety driving, in-class eco driving, on-track safety driving, on-track eco driving as well as pre and post course testing. The module is designed to educate drivers on driving techniques to reduce fuel consumption, traffic accidents and maintenance costs. Drivers observed an improved up-time after undergoing the training.

HTSCC was formed to give constant exposure on the importance of safe driving skills and the right techniques of vehicle operation, which ultimately will raise awareness on fuel consumption and expertise to reduce risk of an accident.

“When road accidents happen, apart from the tragic loss of lives, not many people are aware of the cost to businesses. These costs can be in the form of repairing the said vehicle, the insurance paid out to the affected families, the domino effect and disruption to business flow when traffic came to a halt and most importantly the reputation cost to the said company or brand and the country in general,” said Ken Iwamoto, Managing Director of Hino Motor Sales Malaysia.

In the long term, Hino believes Malaysia will be a developed country with minimal road hazard cases and injuries on the nation’s highways.