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“Simply Number One”: MAN TGX, Truck of the Year 2021

The new MAN TGX is the “International Truck of the Year 2021” (ITOY). The ITOY Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the commercial vehicle market. In a virtual ceremony, Andreas Tostmann, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus, accepted the coveted award from ITOY President Gianenrico Griffini. The jury of 24 trade journalists representing the 24 most important European specialist truck journals recognised the new MAN TGX as being particularly advanced in terms of driving comfort, working and living conditions, safety, fuel efficiency, connectivity, innovative services, and operator control and display philosophy.

“The title 'International Truck of the Year' is tremendous recognition for the outstanding work put in by our team at MAN. For more than 5 years now, the team has been working with a single objective in mind: to develop the best truck for drivers and our customers and to get it out on the road. This coveted award just goes to show: We did it,” says Andreas Tostmann, Chief Executive Officer at MAN Truck & Bus, happily, at the virtual awards ceremony. 

The members of the jury appointed for the “International Truck of the Year Award” (ITOY) have had the opportunity to get to know the new MAN TGX inside out since February 2020. In addition to its driving comfort, the driver's workplace with its clearly arranged, fully digital display instruments, the intuitively operable driving and multimedia functions incorporated into the new, generously adjustable multifunction steering wheel and the innovative, distraction-free rotary pushbutton control function of the MAN SmartSelect system impressed the jury. The ITOY jurors were just as positive about the living conditions in the new driver’s cab. During the test drives, they were also bowled over by the outstanding efficiency of the Euro 6d driveline of the new MAN TGX, which offers fuel savings of up to 8.2 percent compared to the previous version when coupled with the aerodynamic refinement of the cab design and the GPS cruise control system MAN EfficientCruise, which now exhibits an even greater degree of anticipation. The jury also highlighted the high level of safety, which, with functions such as the radar-based turn assist and lane change support systems, Lane Return Assist and assisted driving in traffic jams, not only takes pressure off the driver but also contributes significantly to the safety of other road users. Last but not least, the new MAN TGX made a particularly trendsetting impression with the ITOY experts thanks to the high degree of connectivity provided by its electronic architecture, which is the first of its kind in the commercial vehicle sector, and the range of digital services associated therewith. 

“The new MAN TGX represents a major step forward in terms of driver comfort, fuel efficiency, connectivity and human-machine interface. So there is no doubt why the new MAN TGX was voted Truck of the Year 2021. It is a future-oriented truck that meets the transport needs of today and tomorrow,” said ITOY President Gianenrico Griffini, summarising the jury members' verdict at the awards ceremony. In accordance with the rules of the International Truck of the Year award, the annual award is presented to the truck released in the last 12 months that has made the greatest contribution to the sustainable development of road haulage. The evaluation criteria are technical innovations and refinements, but also innovation that contributes to overall cost-effectiveness, safety and environmental relief.

 “Simplifying Business” - Focussing on Transportation Companies and Drivers
In February 2020, MAN Truck & Bus unveiled the new MAN Truck Generation to the public for the first time. These brand-new trucks with the lion on their radiator grilles have been heading out to their new owners throughout Europe since the early part of the summer. As soon as conceptual development work began, MAN set about asking 300 transport companies and 700 drivers for regular feedback on their requirements for the new truck and incorporated this feedback into the design of the new MAN Truck Generation. As a result, the new vehicles are even more consistently aligned with these companies’ needs with regard to operational and cost efficiency and offer the driver unique workplace ergonomics, comprehensive safety and a wonderfully relaxing environment during rest periods. 

From the outset, the objective was to take as much strain off drivers and contractors as possible in their day-to-day work against the backdrop of increasingly complex challenges such as growing freight volumes and ever stricter CO2 regulations, a growing shortage of drivers and the advancing digitalisation of logistical processes. The new MAN Truck Generation achieves this with its outstanding product quality in terms of driver orientation, efficiency, safety and technical sustainability. Not only that, MAN also sets standards as a strong and competent partner in terms of support from the moment contact is made with a customer due in part to new product logic that is consistently geared to the vehicle's intended use and many years of industry expertise in a wide range of applications and bodies. When combined with the impressive MAN Service network and innovative digital workshop services for optimum vehicle availability, the new MAN Truck Generation becomes an unrivalled comprehensive package that is tailored to the transportation industry, making the day-to-day work of transport companies and drivers easier on a consistent basis, true to the MAN motto of: “Simplifying Business”.

Aimtrans Scopes Market Recovery with New HAMMAR Sideloaders

AIMTRANS LOGISTICS (M) SDN. BHD. (“AIMTRANS”) , having to leverage its logistic distribution expertise in response to the unprecedented spread of COVID 19, aimed and took advantage of the Market Recovery in certain industries with additional New HAMMAR sideloaders.

It could not have been a nicer day for AIMTRANS having to receive its additional new HAMMAR sideloaders for its haulage operations. Two brand-new HAMMAR Sideloaders were commissioned , one on 30th July, 2020 and the second one 4th November, 2020, and immediately put to the task. This delivery takes the total number of sideloaders for AIMTRANS to six. The 1st 2(two) units were acquired in Year 2013 and the 3rd unit was in Year 2014 and the 4th unit was in Year 2015. This saw the trust and confidence of AIMTRANS in HAMMAR side-loaders .

Eric Low, Managing Director of AIMTRANS was visibly proud. “We recognised a steady and great partnership with HAMMAR and HAMMAR would continue to demonstrate unparalleled agility and innovation to provide continued excellent after -sales service and quality sideloaders.

AIMTRANS aimed to navigate this health and economic crisis effectively and efficiently to secure more orders for using “sideloader” service. If this materialised, HAMMAR has to be responsive in playing its role to supply additional units of HAMMAR sideloaders on a timely basis. “

AIMTRANS drivers are also delighted with the performance of the HAMMAR sideloaders. Through more efficient handling of containers, AIMTRANS drivers claimed that they are able to make more trips per day. Thus, earning them more money. 

All Sectors Must Engage to Meet Asia Pacific's Road Safety Challenge—ADB VP

Road safety is a growing public health concern in Asia and the Pacific that kills more than one person a minute—a challenge that requires the engagement of all sectors of society, Asian Development Bank (ADB) Vice-President for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development Bambang Susantono told a workshop today.

“While governments have the primary responsibility to ensure road safety, the magnitude of this crisis requires all segments of society to engage and to contribute, including the private sector,” Mr. Susantono said. “This is where a good partnership between governments and development organizations can help find ways to drastically reduce the number of fatal and serious injuries from road crashes in the coming years.”

He was speaking at the first workshop on the implementation of the Asia Pacific Road Safety Observatory (APRSO) on the sidelines of the Asia and the Pacific Transport Forum 2020 taking place online from 24 to 28 August.

According to ADB estimates, on average, more than 2,000 people lose their lives in road crashes in the region every day and many more sustain serious life-changing injuries. “More than one person dies every minute, and as I speak for 10 minutes, 14 people will have lost their lives on the roads of Asia and the Pacific,” Mr. Susantono told participants at the workshop.

APRSO is envisioned to be the leading forum on road safety data, policies, and practices across Asia and the Pacific. It will help improve the quality of road safety data, support the monitoring of regional and global road safety targets, promote effective policies and evidence-based road safety interventions across the region, as well as the use of best practices.

ADB serves as secretariat and host of the observatory, which is supported also by the World Bank Group, International Automobile Federation, International Transport Forum, UNESCAP, and the Global Road Safety Facility.

Mr. Susantono emphasized that ADB is committed to improving road safety in the region, embedding road safety in all road projects, supporting subregional road safety initiatives, and working closely with other agencies and governments to support global road safety agendas.

ADB is committed to achieving a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific, while sustaining its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty. Established in 1966, it is owned by 68 members—49 from the region.

Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd Lancar Siri Trak Super Tugas Ringan Foton Aumark S Serba Baharu di Malaysia

Ciri keselamatan aktif yang ada pada trak ini termasuklah sistem brek, lampu, pandangan pemanduan dan banyak lagi. Sistem brek berprestasi tinggi itu dijana oleh injap brek utama yang mengadaptasi penyelesaian kawalan brek WABCO yang berfungsi meningkatkan keselamatan dan tahap kecekapan membrek, walaupun dalam kondisi ekstrem.

Foton Aumark S turut dilengkapi lampu utama yang boleh dilaras secara elektrik. Lampu tersebut mempunyai struktur lensa untuk lampu rendah, pancaran cahaya yang padat pada kadar 50,000 kandela atau 25 kali lebih terang daripada cahaya matahari di waktu siang.

Satu lagi ciri tambahan yang memaksimumkan aspek keselamatan ialah radar undur pintar dengan empat alat pengesan. Ia mampu mengesan apa jua halangan dalam jarak 1.8 meter yang ada di belakang Aumark S ketika pemandu mengundur.
Pengedar tunggal eksklusif trak Foton di Malaysia, Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd (ATM) – anak syarikat Warisan TC Holdings dan ahli Tan Chong Group – hari ini secara rasmi melancarkan trak super tugas ringan Foton Aumark S Series serba baharu di pasaran Malaysia.

Siri trak tugas ringan Foton Aumark S dibangunkan di bawah program Foton Super Truck. Ia merupakan hasil kerjasama Foton dengan rakan-rakan di dalam “Pakatan Inovasi Trak Super Global”. Pakatan itu ditubuhkan bersama peneraju teknologi trak dunia seperti Cummins, ZF Friedrichshafen (ZF), WABCO, Bosch dan banyak lagi.

“Jenama-jenama global bekerjasama dengan Foton dalam menggabungkan aspek sains dan teknologi untuk menghasilkan sistem rangkaian kuasa serta integrasi kenderaan yang optimum. Ini termasuk teknologi penjimatan bahan api bagi menyokong pemuliharaan alam sekitar dan kenderaan komersial termaju yang terhubung secara pintar untuk menerajui trend logistik yang efisien.

“Hasilnya, kami mampu menghasil dan memperkenalkan siri trak Aumark S serba baharu yang diterima baik oleh pasaran trak super tugas ringan di seluruh dunia,” kata Naib Presiden Eksekutif Foton International Trade Co., Ltd. Beijing, Wang Jianjun.

Ketua Pegawai Ekskutif Warisan TC Holdings Bhd, Tan Keng Meng berkata, “Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd berbesar hati memperkenalkan salah sebuah trak tugas ringan yang teknologi canggih dan yang dijangka menetapkan penanda aras di dalam industri. Siri trak Foton Aumark S serba baharu dibangun menggunakan rangkaian kuasa Cummins ISF berprestasi tinggi, kotak gear ZF, sistem brek WABCO dan inovasi global lain yang cukup dikenali.

“Ia merupakan sebuah trak super tugas ringan yang akan menunaikan janjinya sebagai sebuah trak Foton SUPER yang memenuhi aspek-aspek Keselamatan, Pelbagai guna, Kuasa, Kecekapan dan Ketahanan! Adalah ketara trak ini telah meningkatkan taraf kebiasaan trak tugas ringan,” kata Tan.

Dikuasakan oleh enjin Cummins ISF 3.8l generasi baru, model Foton Aumark S BJ1088 mampu menawarkan kuasa 115kW dan tork 500Nm. Digabungkan bersama pengecas turbo dan fungsi penyejuk dalaman (intercooler) melalui sistem pancitan bahan api Bosch, enjin Cummins ISF dapat memberikan trak ini satu rangkaian kuasa premium yang tidak dijumpai dalam mana-mana trak tugas ringan lain.

Prestasi enjin Cummins itu dimanfaatkan sepenuhnya oleh kotak gear manual ZF dengan 6-kelajuan yang menawarkan penukaran gear yang lancar dan cekap. Perumah kotak gear aluminium aloi yang ringan dan nisbah gear yang dioptimumkan juga mengurangkan penggunaan bahan api dengan efektif. Manakala reka bentuk turbin gear yang dioptimumkan dapat mengurangkan bunyi bising dengan berkesan.
Dibina dengan standard keselamatan Eropah, siri trak Aumark S direka dan dilengkapi ciri keselamatan aktif dan pasif yang telah diuji serta mematuhi piawaian keselamatan automotif ECE.
Pengurus Besar Kanan Angka-Tan Motor Sdn. Bhd., Danny Ng berkata, “Aspek keselamatan amat penting pada siri trak super tugas ringan Foton Aumark S. Trak ini dibina menggunakan proses pengilangan yang sangat ketat. Ia juga telah melalui semua ujian pelanggaran yang perlu untuk memperoleh standard global ECE R29.

“Ujian sejauh 1.6 juta kilometer melibatkan pelbagai permukaan jalan, cuaca dan altitud berbeza membuktikan keupayaan teknologi dari segi kawalan pintar, keselamatan, penjimatan bahan api serta pengalaman pemanduan yang lancar oleh siri trak Foton Aumark S,” katanya lagi.

Ciri keselamatan aktif yang ada pada trak ini termasuklah sistem brek, lampu, pandangan pemanduan dan banyak lagi. Sistem brek berprestasi tinggi itu dijana oleh injap brek utama yang mengadaptasi penyelesaian kawalan brek WABCO yang berfungsi meningkatkan keselamatan dan tahap kecekapan membrek, walaupun dalam kondisi ekstrem.

Foton Aumark S turut dilengkapi lampu utama yang boleh dilaras secara elektrik. Lampu tersebut mempunyai struktur lensa untuk lampu rendah, pancaran cahaya yang padat pada kadar 50,000 kandela atau 25 kali lebih terang daripada cahaya matahari di waktu siang.

Satu lagi ciri tambahan yang memaksimumkan aspek keselamatan ialah radar undur pintar dengan empat alat pengesan. Ia mampu mengesan apa jua halangan dalam jarak 1.8 meter yang ada di belakang Aumark S ketika pemandu mengundur.

Siri trak Foton Aumark S serba baharu juga menawarkan reka bentuk chasis baharu dengan penggunaan besi yang kukuh. Di samping dua bahagian aci picu (driveshaft) dan suspensi jenis leaf spring yang lebih stabil serta mampu menampung beban lebih berat.

Struktur badan dibina berasaskan kepada standard Eropah. Lebih 80 peratus kabin trak dibentuk dan dikimpal dengan kepingan besi yang disalut lapisan perlindungan agar lebih kukuh jika berlaku pelanggaran dari hadapan dan atas. Pintu dan kerangka kabin mempunyai plat engsel yang kukuh dan regangan berkekuatan tinggi untuk perlindungan maksimum daripada impak pelanggaran dari sisi.

“Angka-Tan Motor akan menawarkan dua model Aumark S iaitu BJ1078 7.5T dan BJ1088 7.5T/9T. Kedua-dua model itu menawarkan aspek kepintaran yang lebih baik bersama paparan multi-fungsi agar mudah diperasi dan dikendalikan. Ruang kabin trak juga direka secara ergonomik dan luas untuk memberi lebih keselesaan, selain mudah diubah suai untuk memenuhi pelbagai keperluan logistik,” kata Danny Ng.

“Sama ada ia untuk pelanggan yang merupakan pakar logistik dan mahukan penghantaran secekap mungkin atau rantaian bekalan makanan sejuk beku yang memerlukan penghantaran tepat pada masanya atau penghantaran di bandar yang perlukan kecekapan, siri trak Foton Aumark S sememangnya sebuah trak super tugas ringan terbaik untuk memastikan perniagaan dapat dijalankan dengan selamat, efisien dan produktif,” katanya.

“Kami yakin kehadiran trak super tugas ringan ini akan dapat membantu membina asas yang lebih kukuh untuk Angka-Tan Motor, kerjasama Foton dan pengembangan jenama kami di Malaysia,” kata Tan.  

ANGKA-TAN MOTOR在马来西亚推介全新福田AUMARK S轻型超级卡车系列

福田Aumark S BJ1088轻型卡车采用康明斯最新款的ISF 3.8公升引擎,能输出115kW动力和500Nm扭力。此款引擎搭载博世燃油喷射系统备有涡轮增压且附设中冷器,为这款轻型卡车提供其它同级卡车无法媲美的强劲表现。马来西亚福田卡车(Foton Trucks)独家经销商Angka-Tan Motor私人有限公司(简称“Angka-Tan Motor”)今日在马来西亚正式推介全新福田Aumark S轻型超级卡车系列。Angka-Tan Motor也是 Warisan TC控股子公司及陈唱集团(Tan Chong Group)旗下的企业。

此系列在福田超级卡车计划(Foton Super Truck Program)下研发而成,也是福田与“全球超级卡车创新联盟”合作的成果之一。该联盟由世界领先的卡车科技公司组成,包括康明斯(Cummins)、采埃孚(ZF Friedrichshafen)、威博科(WABCO)和博世(Bosch)等企业。

北京福田国际贸易有限公司执行副总裁王建军说:“全球知名品牌和福田携手合作,把科学和科技结合起来,致力研发最佳的发动机系统和卡车整合方案,同时开发有利于环保的省油技术和透过智能系统相互联系,引领高效率物流发展趋势的高端商用车。因此,我们能生产和推出广受全球市场欢迎的全新福田Aumark S轻型超级卡车系列。”

Warisan TC控股首席执行员陈庆民(Tan Keng Meng)说:“Angka-Tan Motor感到很自豪,因为引进了一款搭载最先进科技的轻型卡车,从而提高了同级车款的基准规格。全新福田Aumark S系列采用享誉全球的高性能康明斯ISF发动机、采埃孚变速箱、威博科刹车系统和其它在全球领先的创新科技,并集安全、实用、动力、效率和可靠于一身,堪称超级轻型卡车!无可否认,福田Aumark S系列已突破轻型卡车的界限。”


福田Aumark S系列严格遵守欧洲安全标准,并装置了主动和被动的安全功能。这些功能均已经过测试,也完全符合欧洲经济委员会(ECE)制定的汽车安全规定。

Angka-Tan Motor高级总经理黄杰星(Danny Ng)说:“福田Aumark S轻型超级卡车系列高度重视安全,生产程序极为严谨。卡车接受并通过了必要的碰撞测试,以便满足欧洲经济委员会制定的R29项全球监管标准。”

“福田Aumark S系列在不同路况、气候和海拔条件下接受了160万公里的路面测试,并在智能控制、安全性能、节能省油、顺畅驾驶等方面展现了科技大突破的硕果。”


福田Aumark S系列也安装了电动调整的车头大灯,并附设透镜近光灯和发光单位高达5万坎德拉(candela)、光亮水平相等于白天日光25倍的单光透镜远光灯。

另一个提高安全的新增配备是拥有4个感应器的退车雷达。该雷达在福田Aumark S卡车司机退车时能全方位感应车后1.8公尺范围内的障碍物。 

全新福田Aumark S系列采用新型底盘设计,底盘以强钢制成,加上两个传动轴和板簧,能确保卡车行驶稳定,承载量也更大。 


黄杰星(Danny Ng)说:“Angka-Tan Motor将推出两款Aumark S轻型卡车,即BJ1078 7.5T和BJ1088 7.5T以及9T。这两款卡车已安装改良版的多功能智能显示屏,操控方便。驾驶舱根据人体工学设计,不但宽敞舒适,还能根据物流需求加以改装。”

“不管客户是要求高效率智能运输的物流专家、讲究时效的冷冻链物流专家,或重视灵活和顺畅运输的城区物流专家,全新福田Aumark S系列将成为保障业务、营运效率和公司生产力的首选轻型超级卡车。” 

陈庆民说:“我们相信,引进这款卡车会为Angka-Tan Motor与福田的合作奠定更坚实的基础,并且有助于我们在马来西亚扩展品牌。”

Asian Trucker Roadshow: Mpire Live Update

Video inside: New fuels require adaptation of lubricants. Valvoline has launched a new range of B20-ready products to better support the use of Biodiesel. The brand is also offering a new service for fleet customers.

Asian Trucker Roadshow: Valvoline Ready for B20

New fuels require adaptation of lubricants. Valvoline has launched a new range of B20-ready products to better support the use of Biodiesel. The brand is also offering a new service for fleet customers.

Watch the video:

Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City 2021 Steps Into a New Automotive Industry Era

In recent years, Vietnam’s automotive industry has grown at an average annual rate of 20 to 30 percent. The improvement to corporate governance, foreign trade and investment, and relationships with international markets through bilateral agreements nurture a positive local operating environment. Companies are now seeking to expand their businesses and production bases into Vietnam. From 30 June to 2 July 2021 at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City will work with prominent associations to unite local and overseas players, exploring diverse opportunities in Vietnam’s auto market.

The Vietnamese Government has placed the automotive manufacturing sector at the core of its developmental roadmap for merging the local supply chain with a wider global network. In line with these efforts, the highly anticipated EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), that took effect in August 2020, will phase out 99 percent of tariffs on traded goods. Similar to Free Trade Agreements with other ASEAN countries, one of the significant advantages of the EVFTA is an expected 43 percent increment of exports to the EU by 2025; thus, a substantial contribution to the global supply chain.

Equally, the agreement will divert more foreign direct investment into the country. It will bring in the necessary technology and training to develop advanced products and services in the local original equipment manufacturing sector, aftermarket and supporting industries. At the same time, Vietnam is likely to import more high-quality auto parts and components from the EU due to lower tariffs. This is set to boost the production capacity of automotive manufacturing and assembly to, in turn, play a part in the country’s global competitiveness of Vietnamese-made-vehicles.

To pinpoint these prospects, Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City 2021 is placing collaboration at the forefront of the fair’s evolving approach to sustainable local automotive industry development. Synergy shaped by informed, networked and empowered stakeholders, which have an active role in the wider auto community, will become an integral part of the collaborative platform. For example, last edition of the show drew in a number of renowned visitors, include Bosch, Bridgestone, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, MAHA, Mitsubishi, Thaco, Vingroup and more. Bringing this momentum forward, the fair aims to utilise these global networks to foster multilateral conversations across the value chain, generate greater know-how and deliver multifaceted experiences to promote the growing automotive market in Vietnam.

Ms Fiona Chiew, Deputy General Manager, Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, commented: “Through the trade deal, Vietnam is creating more investment channels and skilled workers for the automotive service industry. The industry has been a major GDP driver for the country and it will continue to emerge in the global supply chain at an accelerated speed. Together with the backing from local supporters, Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City 2021 will connect international players, investors and local businesses through a series of dedicated fringe events and networking activities, with the intent to strengthen the collaborative platform.”

Countrywide support from local industry associations
From Hanoi in the North, to Ho Chi Minh City in the South, the show continues to gain recognition from long-term local supporters like the Vietnam Automotive Technicians Network (OTO-HUI), the Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry (VAMI) and the Vietnam Automobile Transportation Association (VATA). For the first time in the show’s history, the Vietnam Association for Supporting Industries (VASI) will also join as a local supporter.

VASI is a key association contributing to policy planning and promoting Vietnam’s supporting industries, which includes the processing and manufacturing sector. Ms Truong Thi Chi Binh, Vice Chairman of VASI, commented: “In our mission to foster the development of supporting industries, we are looking for fast-growing platforms that can support our ongoing work. Leveraging Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City’s strong international business network, especially in the EU, we are confident that collaborating with the platform will help facilitate business growth between local and overseas companies. Because of this, I see a bright future for the processing and manufacturing sector as it expands and advances domestically, and eventually integrates into the global supply chain.”

Taking advantage of the expertise from local industry associations, the show has curated a series of fringe programme events that highlight the robust opportunities in the local market. For example:

• Premium members from VASI will join the Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 Conference offering insights into the long-term development of automotive manufacturing and its supporting industries. Key automakers and manufacturers will be able to exchange ideas with attendees.
• Using their extensive local network, OTO-HUI will invite auto service centres, workshops, manufacturers, as well as car enthusiasts to the Auto Service & Maintenance Festival. Pre-registered visitors can enjoy one-stop, onsite diagnostics and maintenance services for free.

All-rounded coverage from exhibitors gather at the show Spanning across the show floor, more than 400 exhibitors from the Automotive manufacturing & automation, Passenger and Commercial vehicle, and Motorcycle segments will present their latest innovations, technologies, products and services to the Vietnamese market. Leading exhibitors in various product categories include the likes of:

• TÜV Rheinland Vietnam, an internationally-recognised technical service provider founded in Germany, are debuting in the 2021 edition. They will showcase expertise in testing, inspection and certification for a number of products and fields.
• Liqui Moly, the German lubricant specialist from the Diagnostics & Maintenance sector, will bring their collection of motor oil, additives and car care related products to the fairground.
• CTR, a Korean brand from the Parts & Components sector will also join the line-up, presenting a wide variety of parts and components for suspension, steering and brake systems.
• Prodyver, an Italian company specialising in paper roll tailoring products for the Diagnostics & Maintenance sector, will display products that suit the needs of the collision repair industry.

Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City 2021 闊步邁進汽車工業新時代

越南汽車產業近年發展迅猛,年均增長率維持在20%至30%1。隨著當地 在企業管理運營、外商投資及貿易政策的持續優化,加上政府與全球多個 國家及地區達成的各項雙邊協議,為越南創造了更友善的營商環境,吸引 海外企業紛紛到越南經商以及投資設廠。作為在越南汽車行業最具備規模 及影響力之一的盛會,越南(胡志明市)國際汽車零配件及售後服務展覽 會(Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City)將於2021年6月30至7月2日 重磅回歸越南西貢展覽會議中心(SECC)。本屆展會得到多家知名行業 協會支持,強手連結海內外汽車業同仁,一同發掘越南汽車市場的各種機 遇。

越南政府將汽車製造業及工業列為國家發展路線圖的重中之重,以助當地 汽車供應鏈更好的融入全球供應鏈網絡。備受期待的「歐盟-越南自由貿 易協定」(EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement,EVFTA)在8月正式出 台,各類貿易商品近99%的關稅正逐步取消。類似於越南與其他東盟國家 簽訂的自由貿易協定,EVFTA將促進越南的貨物出口貿易。預計到2025 年,越南至歐盟的出口額將有43%的總增長2,貢獻於全球供應鏈。 

與此同時,該協定將為越南帶來更多外國直接投資,由相關投資引進的技 術和培訓機會將助力更多原廠設備製造業、汽車售後市場及相關配套產業 的高端產品及服務的研發。此外,受益於關稅降低,預計會刺激更多歐盟 優質的汽車零配件進口至越南,繼而提高當地汽車製造及組裝的能力, 使 越南汽車製造更具全球競爭力。 

為了瞄準這個發展態勢,Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City 2021以促進業 界的合作共融為展會的首要發展目標,以助力本土汽車業的持續發展。作 為一個信息互通、資源共享的商貿平台,展會旨在連結汽車產業鏈不同領 域的同仁,鼓勵他們信息交流、加強合作,以擴大商貿網絡提高他們的競 爭力,同時鞏固展會本身實力,釋放更大的協同效應。上屆展會吸引了多 個知名品牌到訪,包括博世、普利司通、寶馬、本田、現代、馬哈、三 菱、長海、Vingroup等。承接上屆良好勢頭,本屆展會將利用豐富的全球 網絡,促進產業價值鏈各方的多邊對話,造就更多專業人材,向與會者傳 遞多元的參展體驗,並推動越南汽車市場的繁榮發展。

法蘭克福展覽(香港)有限公司副總經理周劭闌女士表示:「最新落實的 貿易協定將為越南汽車服務業引進更多的資本和技術人員。汽車行業一直 是越南國內生產總值的主要驅動力,並將繼續以加速的步伐邁進全球供應 鏈。Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City 2021很榮幸得到越南各行業協會的 傾力支持,聯手打造一系列精彩同期活動,為來自各地的行業同仁、投資 者及越南當地企業構建深化共融協作的商貿交流平台。」

(VAMI)和越南汽車運輸公會(VATA )。此外,越南輔助工業協會

VASI是一家推動汽車輔助產業包括加工與製造業發展的協會,致力於促進 產業的政策規劃和推廣。VASI副主席Truong Thi Chi Binh女士對展會充滿
期望:「鞏固越南汽車輔助產業的發展是我們的首要使命,我們需要一個 理念一致和高效的商貿平台,以支持我們一直以來的工作。憑藉
Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City展會強大的國際商務脈絡,尤其是在歐 盟的影響力,我們堅信與展會的合作將能幫助推動本地和海外企業在這裡
的業務增長。因此,我對加工與製造業的前景十分看好。相信行業會在越 南本地一直擴大及前進,並融入全球供應鏈中。」

展會將與當地行業協會合作舉辦多個高質量的同期活動,聚焦當地蓬勃的 汽車市場。

 VASI的會員將參與智能工廠暨工業4.0研討會,共同探討汽車製造
 運用自身廣大的本地網絡,OTO-HUI將集合當地一眾優質的汽車


 TÜ V Rheinland Vietnam成立於德國,是一家國際領先的技術服 務供應商。TÜ V越南分公司將在2021屆展會首度亮相,展示在多  個品類和領域的測試、檢驗及認證的專業。
 Liqui Moly是來自診斷及維修領域的德國潤滑油專家,將在展會現
 CTR是一家來自韓國的部件及組件領域品牌。品牌將帶來懸架、轉
 Prodyver是一家始於意大利,來自診斷及維修領域的卷紙定制公