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Published: 23 February 2024

Counting on Growth with Actros

Based in Kota Kubu Baru, KKSS (M) Sdn Bhd, a bulk cement transporter, services East Coast Rail project. Transporting cement, they require trucks that are dependable and powerful at the same time.

On 18 January 2024, KKSS received a batch of new Mercedes-Benz Actros MP5. Added to the existing fleet, these are to support the growth of the company. KKSS is a loyal Actros user, which has been deploying Mercedes-Benz trucks since the Actros MP3 became available in Malaysia. Believing in European brands, KKSS uses a mix of Mercedes-Benz and one other brand.

KKSS chose the Actros MP5 based on their past experience, finding them easy to handle and offering exceptional reliability. The dealer on record for this batch, Pearl Truck Station (PTS) (Mercedes-Benz’s Ipoh-based dealer) also commented that the long service interval of up to 55 000 Kilometers makes the Actros MP5 a best suited vehicle for KKSS’ business.