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Published: 10 June 2024

Video Inside: HENGST Filtration at MCVE 2024

Mr Frank Märgner, the Singapore-based Sales Director with Hengst Asia Pacific Pte Ltd,  was happy to attend the exhibition to meet up with its existing and valued clients. “As the smart alternative in filtration, Hengst needed to be here as it provided a platform for us to explain what we do to those who know us, as well as those who are new to our range of products that showcase the best in German technology. We also have an educational role to explain the difference between and how to identify, good and bad filters. Especially after COVID-19, we have seen an influx of cheap filters and copies, and the results of using such filters are often not clear to users. Saving a few dollars on cheap filters doesn’t make sense for owners of expensive fleets,” he commented.

Märgner was very appreciative too that the Hengst stand featured a MAN truck, as it was most eye-catching and attracted clients in their direction. He also remarked that Hengst was keen to continue its support for MCVE and wanted to see the event expand. “While we had hoped that more fleet owners would have joined our networking night, we were delighted with the response as well as the general attendance at our stand,” he concluded.