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Published: 16 February 2018

Hengst Oil Filters: Not Just Clean, But Pure

To ensure reliable performance of the engine, one needs protection for all applications, starting with the delivery of oil that is free from harmful substances.

Oilfilters made by German brand Hengst are high-quality products that ensure engines are efficiently lubricated at all times and under all conditions. Efficient filtration forms the basis for optimal performance and safe operating conditions. They filter dust, metal abrasions, soot and other impurities.

Pure Oil Guarantees Consistent Performance  Depending on the application, several hundred litres of oil are pumped through an engine to reduce friction of moving parts and thus, premature wear-out is prevented. Today, engine technology has become much more complex and the oildrain intervals have been prolonged significantly. These developments demand higher specifications from the engine oils as well when it comes to the purity of the lubricants. To ensure that the oils are pure and free from harmful substances, the use of high-quality filters is necessary, also in view of the prolonged intervals for filter changes. Hengst filters contribute positively to the reduction of wear, thanks to the highly efficient filtration, and thus, increase the lifespan of the engine as well as its performance. This way, increased fuel consumption and the increased emission readings that would come with it, can be avoided.

Engine Oil Filtration at Highest Levels Oil filters made by Hengst are matching OEM quality. To reach this level of quality, the company is only using the latest and most up-to-date materials, applying synthetic fibres, impregnation and grain sizes that ensure the highest dirt collection in their manufacturing process. In addition to that, Hengst filter offer high temperature stability and mechanical integrity to withstand pressure differences, as well as highquality sealants that withstand extreme variations in temperatures. A reliable connection between seal, filterpaper and the end plate is the guarantor for hassle-free performance.

All engine oil filters from Hengst are equipped with highly dependable back-pressure valves, which prevent the filters from running completely dry when the engine is switched off. Furthermore, these filters are equipped with valves that bypass the filter during the cold run phase to ensure a continuous supply of engine oil to the engine.

Screw-On Filters – The Easy Way With this type of Hengst filters, the housing, with its pressure-sealed and flared, treaded end plate form a complete unit together with an integrated filter element. In case servicing is needed, the entire unit will be exchanged. All required components and valves, such as the filter bypass and back-pressure valve are housed in the case and are included in the unit. This ensures that the engine is protected during cold-run phases and in case the service intervals are extended beyond the recommended mileage.

Filter Inserts – Eco Friendly and Easy to Service These are part of the innovative ENERGETICConcept. With this system, Hengst is offering clients a more eco friendly solution whereby ease of service is also ensured. In case of a filter service, only the insert needs to be replaced for this system. All other components, such as valves, lids and housing will remain mounted to the engine block for the entire lifecycle of the engine. Mechanics will love the fact that the filter change of this sophisticated system can be done without any contact between oil and skin. To do so, the lid will be loosed, causing the oil to drain via a valve into the oil sump. Once the unit is drained, the clip-on filter can be extracted together with the lid from the housing.

The use of Recyclat-materials is an important contribution to the protection of our environment. This allows for filter inserts to be recycled according to materials in a cost effective manner, whereby the filters are dismantled and materials are kept pure.

Pro-Tips Whenever oil is changed, the oil filter should be changed as well. This is necessary as the duration for how long a filter can be used is defined by the OEM and the filters are engineered in accordance. When doing so, one should ensure that the spare parts used are always in OEM quality. Only such parts guarantee long lasting functionality through the use of high quality materials, precise manufacturing and air-tight wrapping.