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Published: 29 November 2023

"Talk" to Us - Asian Trucker Adds AI-Backed Chatbot

You will notice our little animated "bot" on this page. This is an AI-Backed avatar, named "Stefan". This is a unique ChatBot, using Speech-to-Speech technology. For now, this works on laptops only; the mobile version is in preparation You can talk to it by activating your microphone (clicking on the bot), then you click on the bot again, hold it and talk to Stefan. Release the mouse button to get your answer.

How does it work? Our AI uses a knowledge bank. We have uploaded a number of years worth of our magazines and Stefan draws on the information stored in the knowledge bank. We are currently uploading all the material we have created in the past 13 years to form the source material for the bot. Current answers will draw on limited material, however, we are adding content as fast as we can. 

In short: we are utilising our accumulated content to feed and train our bot to be a source of information for you, our readers. This way, you can obtain information about the industry without having to scour through volumes of our magazines. 

What makes this ChatBot different is the speech-to-speech function. While you can also toggle to the written script, the main function is to use spoken language. 

Conversations will be "recorded" and we will generate transcripts. If you have specific requests for us at Asian Trucker, we can then identify your notes and act upon them too. 

Appreciate your feedback and we hope that you find our latest communication channel useful.