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Published: 25 April 2024

Admission to MCVE 2024

Admission to MCVE 2024 for visitors is free of charge. Registration will be at the event. Simply scan a QR code and provide your details to register for the event on the day you would want to attend. If you wish to join more than one day, please register for each day so we can accurately capture attendance (for safety purposes).

Hengst Asia Pacific (Hengst Filtration), with its regional head quarter in Singapore, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary during MCVE 2024.

The event will be part of the Asian Trucker Networking Night by Hengst Filtration. During the Networking Night, Hengst will take the opportunity to host invited guests, award partners and thank them for their brand loyalty and trust.

The Asian Trucker Networking Night by Hengst Filtration will be open for all participants in MCVE 2024: exhibitors, delegates and media partners are welcome.