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Published: 25 June 2024

Hundreds of King Long Buses have been Delivered to Shenzhen

Recently, King Long has delivered a batch of 100 pure electric buses to Shenzhen, which will help Shenzhen Transport Company improve its operational service quality.

The single travel service provided by transport companies can no longer meet the personalized and diversified travel needs of the public. Transport companies generally face challenges such as structural optimization, upgrading, and transformation. When providing customers with quality travel services, a safe and comfortable transportation equipment is crucial for passenger transport companies. After extensive market research, careful comparison and weighing, and multi-brand comparative test drives, the client finally chose to introduce the King Long XMQ6112 model in batches, which has outstanding performance in terms of appearance, driving control, safety, intelligence, and comfort.

As one of King Long's core road products, the King Long XMQ6112 pure electric bus inherits the Jieguan family design, with smooth and dynamic body lines and a stylish and elegant exterior design. While retaining classic elements, it also incorporates modern trendy designs, achieving a perfect combination of agility, strength, practicality, and artistry.

In terms of interior design, King Long focuses on passengers' comfortable sensory experience. High-quality fabrics are selected for the seat interiors, which are soft and comfortable to the touch. The overall design fits the human body curve, providing better support and riding experience for a comfortable journey.

The vehicle has undergone comprehensive optimization and upgrading in terms of active and passive safety configurations, fuel economy, and maintenance convenience. It not only adopts a fully-loaded structure, equipped with large-size disc brakes and ABS+ESC braking systems, but also incorporates high-power-density direct-drive motors and multi-in-one controllers, ensuring braking effect and stability of the vehicle, providing a secure "copper wall and iron barrier" for passengers. At the same time, it continuously optimizes operating costs for customers and promotes the sustainable development of enterprises.