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Published: 22 April 2024

Volvo Buses Singapore partner with GLC Recycle to Pioneer Closed-loop Battery Recycling

Volvo Buses Singapore proudly announces its partnership with GLC Recycle, a global leader renowned for its closed-loop battery recycling solutions. This collaboration underscores a joint commitment to sustainability and responsible management of battery waste. 


GLC Recycle's Expertise in Closed-Loop Battery Recycling
In this venture, GLC Recycle will leverage its innovative technology and expertise to establish a closed-loop battery recycling system for Volvo's hybrid and electric buses in Singapore. Key aspects include 

Responsibly Collected: GLC Recycle will adhere strictly to its established Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for battery collection, ensuring secure and responsible handling throughout the entire process. 

Effectively Dismantled: Collected batteries will undergo controlled dismantling, breaking down into various recyclable materials through an environmentally responsible process. 

Sustainably Recycled: All dismantled materials will be repurposed as valuable feedstock for new batteries, either through GLC Recycle’s in-house capabilities or via collaboration with accredited downstream partners. Volvo Buses Singapore will have access to these partners’ credentials for verification purposes. 


A Circular Economy for New Energy Bus Batteries
This partnership fosters the development of a circular economy for new energy bus batteries in Singapore. By recovering valuable materials from used batteries, GLC Recycle significantly mitigates the environmental impact associated with battery production and disposal. This not only aligns with Volvo Buses 's sustainability commitment but also paves the way for a more sustainable future for the entire transportation industry. 


Achuth Das, Country Manager of Volvo Buses Market Singapore stated: “At Volvo, we believe we have a responsibility to shape the world we want to live in. Our sustainability commitment goes beyond emissions, and we take a holistic approach from cradle to grave. That’s why we are proud to join forces with GLC Recycle, an industry innovator, to pioneer sustainability initiatives and drive the electromobility journey in Singapore together.” 


GLC Recycle Founder Mr Yang Ming Dong said: “GLC Recycle is honored to partner with Volvo Bus Singapore in establishing a responsible and sustainable battery recycling system for their electric buses. This collaboration sets a powerful example for the future of clean transportation in Singapore.”